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Originally Posted by evermore View Post
The engine starts up easily and runs fine.. well except that the cover on the airbox had come off so that surely screws up the air/fuel mixture.
It probably wouldn't screw it up that much - but it would admit unfiltered air into the carbs, which isn't good.

I can reverse and all 5 gears engage. I am having some difficulty engaging second gear smoothly (without some gear grinding noise).
Redline, or other brands of synthetic oil may improve this. Search the BB for recommendations.

- Braking was.. well far worse than my 4Runner.
Your mechanic may find a stuck caliper or non-functioning booster. Do the brakes pull to one side?

- Rear right coil spring is broken. The two pieces of coil sit on top of each other so this clearly needs fixing.
That's odd - does the RR corner sit low? Are you sure it isn't just a piece of tubing around the lower 2-3 coils on the spring? If the spring is truly broken, the car wouldn't be driveable.

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