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Spent a few hours on it today. The first pic, in for a penny, in for a pound. I don't like aftermarket wheels generally, so pulled off the Nardi. In doing so, found the clamshells were kinda messed and that the turn signal wand base was broken. So, installed the extra multi-switch that came with the car. A few wiring changes were involved, but it all works now, and the stock wheel is back on. Checked fluids etc. Note the million relays by the fuse box; they're all for the alarm system, which works, but I'm taking it out.

It had 3" racing lap and shoulder belts that were just kind of a mess. I happened to have a full set of original rewebbed GTV "airline" style belts, so installed them today. Much cleaner and lighter, and more original.

Middle muffler is full of holes, so will spend some time under the car sorting that probably tomorrow.

Read through the receipts, it had full front and rear bushings plus trunnion bushings not that long ago. No wonder it drives well. ZF steering is very nice, and full of oil, a happy surprise.

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