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I have more time, space, and money flexibility than I used to, but I'm still way over my limit on space. I rent three garage spaces offsite. Probably will sell a non-Alfa to make room for this. It's funny, I thought I was done with GTVs. I had a good 74 2000 for 15 years, used it for all kinds of things including many AROSC time trials. But I never had stepnose. In feel it is closer to my Super than to the 74 GTV. So I'm smitten.

Probably won't keep it forever, but I have no immediate plan to sell or need to. It's really fast for a 1600; I'd say faster than my Super, which has a good strong 1750. Brakes extremely good, suspension mostly rebuild in recent memory and good springs and shocks, so it's very hard not to enjoy driving it. Many holes in the exhaust, which is good or bad, depending on your view.

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