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Sunrise on my new Stepnose

I've owned a lot of Alfas, and even a few GTVs, but never a Stepnose til yesterday. Bought this from Ross, CA, across the Bay in Marin.

AR*246698*, late 1966 GTV, listed by the DMV as a 67 MY car, sold new in Calif in 1968 according to the pink slip. Original black plates, original engine as far as I can tell, 00536*10526*, which accords with Fusi. ATE brakes. Car was listed here on the BB and on SF CL, looked worse in the pics than in person. 100% solid, drives great, fast. Some cosmetics are sad, nothing I can't sort. Seller had it 14 years, I have records of it in the East Bay before that back to about 1990. Seller said it was originally white, I haven't confirmed but will look.

Stock all over pretty much other than IAP springs and Konis. I'll remove the Nardi wheel today, back to original. 100K miles. Had a clutch 30K miles ago, much good work over the years at Roger's in Oakland. Most of the suspension front and rear was done in the last 25K miles. New 175 Vredesteins. Painted by Andy Schank a few years ago.

Pretty stinkin' happy. Red is not my fave color, but no question it's iconic. And this car is sooooooooo unmolested.

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