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Originally Posted by Alfar7 View Post
Now to me this is a pretty race car!

I`m watching the bidding! If it seems to be going for a reasonable amount (including the anticipated cost of my wife`s divorce atty) I might bid!
OMG, that's one of Tom Zat's cars. He actually put a Nissan GTP engine in one of them and tried to race in IMSA. I didn't know any of them had a 3-liter Alfa engine.

Richard, based on what I read about the car, I hope you know someone on the Left Coast who can check it out for you.

Zat had an Alfa business in Wisconsin and could rightly claim to own several hundred Alfas - mostly wrecks/parts cars. But he also had quite a few interesting and running cars. He was once very active in AROC, then I think he got into old Army trucks. He built the first SSZ cars from Sprint Speciales, I think. Subsequently, I think he built them from scratch.


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