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Originally Posted by velocedoc View Post
I probably will dig my self a big hole here with some of my comments. Since you do not have any liners, call APE and ask Larry to sell you a set of liners. I am sure he has a nice stash of 1600 liners. You will need to have them honed for the rings you are going to use. The difference between 9.5 and 9.7 I would imagine is not that big of a deal in the final results of the horsepower derived. How are your cams looking? they should say 10121 on the markings. Check to see if there is a S or D on the cam to tell you where it goes on the exhaust or intake. It has been so long I might forgot that they can go either side.

Hi Christopher, Iíll check for the liners but, first of all, Iíll verify if the pistons can be recovered. These are the cams:

@carl750 thank you very much for the photos, very useful

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