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Originally Posted by TFB3 View Post
Ok guys, Here's the latest update on 66 GTV cardboard dashboard restoration.
Multiple coats of resin, sanding and shrink wrapping dinoc and here's the state of restoration attached. Glove box is also swiss cheese so lots of building up and sanding to be done there. Most complicated project I've done in 30 years!
Wow!!! Fabulous work.

Can you share w/us how you removed the metal circling that surrounds the dashboard lower edge of the instruments locations/bulge? I.e. the metal cirgling on whih the external crown of the instument staks on and on which the backside retention stabs press/push?

Would really be helpfull as I want to do the same ... one day... but have no clue of how to remove these metalic rings/circlings.


Thomas L.
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