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Random replies...

I powder coat things that aren't particularly visible, and live a hard life. Front suspension arms, springs, backing plates, rear axle housing, etc. Alfa used a lead-based primer that is tenacious as hell. Can't get that "original" material, so I use the improved version. The exterior paint also won't be lacquer. The under coating won't be gummy rubbery asphalt. And so it goes. My practice is to build the best car (or airplane) that I can, balancing a respect for originality with long term reliability, plus some added performance. I really don't care if my stuff sets price records. I decide what my price is, and am happy when, not if, I get it. I've told more than one prospective buyer they were no longer eligible to buy my work.

The reassembly of the brakes is relatively easy. The wheel cylinder is the "key", like a Chinese puzzle. Install the adjuster first, then hang the shoes-with-springs into the assembly. Last piece is wheel cylinder, while prying open the "jaws" of the two shoes.

The 102 with the Rover engine advertised in Hemmings for $240,000 is described as having a powder coated body. Bet that was an interesting job.

I reckon I'll send both of my rear end pumpkins to Larry for a check, as long as I'll be pulling the axles. That's the hard part.

And as for slavish originality....

I plan to use the cam grinds I have in the 102-2300, and an OKP manifold with 40DCOEs, plus the new plenum we designed for this mod. I'll include a box with a pair of freshly rebuilt 44PHHs, attached to a restored plenum and manifold, along with instructions on how to remove about 30 horsepower from the car. The buyer who will want my car will never use them. I don't do this to make statues.

If it ain't fun, I do something else.

Don P
Carson City, NV

Past Alfas...
59 102 Touring (first Alfa $500 running)
65 Sprint GT (2nd Alfa, $500 daily driver)
102 Sprint (never did anything with it, but wish I had)
74 Berlina (first new car - now certainly rusted into oblivion)
61 Giulietta Spider G-Prod Race Car (where is it now?)
84 Spider Veloce (rarely drove it, so sold it)
86 Quadrifoglio (Dull car - no more 115s for me)
1971 Montreal "The Full Monty". Fair winds and following seas

Current Alfas
59 102 Touring Roadster - restoration complete, enough Alfa for any rational man. Or irrational, for that matter
Oops. Add to the "present" list, 10204 01488, 2000 Touring Roadster project

And past...
Two 1946 Stampe SV4C (c/n 294 "Rocinante" - wife's favorite airplane. RIP), and c/n 235 "La Bon Temps Femme" (gone to a new home, but never forgotten)
Zlin 50LA (+9 -6 gees, titanium spar, 1200 lbs, 260HP rumored to now be in Brazil)
1946 Luscombe 8A
Starduster Too (recently spotted at the Nevada City, CA airport - over 20 years and an entire continent separating it from our stewardship in Binghamton, NY)
1955 Cessna 170B (wife taught me to fly tailwheel in this)

And present...
64 Mooney M20E ("Rambo". My faithful steed for over 40 years) Over 55 years old, and just returned from a trip to Argentina in him
Newest in the fleet
1967 Piper Super Cub on Wipline amphibious floats (a true "all terrain vehicle")
2010 Triumph Thunderbird

You can snap roll an Alfa only one time...
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