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Seattle Dan
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Don, I can tell you that those pins on the shoes are intended to act as a massive frustration device when trying to both reinstall the shoes and fit the drums (especially the rears). Like you, I can see no other purpose. Hence my recent post about frustration on refitting both shoes and drums.

As to finishes. While I'm no expert, I have helped a friend who's father started collecting cars in the 50's out of Reno and focused on high end Euro stuff (Bugatti's, Merc SSK's and such) prep and show cars at Pebble Beach. I learned early about how the auctions go as some of his cars got moved from show to sell. To get top dollar I would replicate factory finishes whenever and wherever possible. Powder coating things? Not so much. Selling a restoration at auction for top dollar is very different than taking your car to shows next to those very same auctions. Buyers who pay top dollar typically know whats what for the era of car they are buying, if not the specifics of the manufacturer. It doesn't take much to drag the price down from the top to 25% less based on small (to you) details. I'm sure your car will look and be fantastic once you're done, but since your building to sell I'd recommend attention to (original) detail.
BTW - once again, thank you for taking the time to share your project.
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