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Originally Posted by goats View Post
I agree the bug was there from Day 1, but the point is that complex software and never be tested to all permutations and therefore, hidden bugs become visible “all of a sudden “ when the permutations get “tested” by the million users in the field. The end result is exactly the same.
The point being made is that software only runs the way it was written without variation. Run two properly complementary programs and execution of bugs becomes impossible. That's how redundant feedback loop systems produce perfect execution of their software, perfect being defined as not dangerous.

Ironically, the human mind can invent a non existent defective execution of such software and convince twelve other humans that the non existent defect really existed. The annoying result of several alleged occurences of one of these types of incidents, in America only just btw, was redesign of brake and accelerator pedals making heel and toe virtually impossible in almost every car on the North American market.

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