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Originally Posted by Del View Post
"As for heartless car makers I refer to Volvo which invented the three point safety belt and, I believe, made it available to all manufacturers. There are other examples of safety engineering pre-dating regulation"

Cherry picking? There are recalls every week which are due to either poor engineering, poor management decisions, or poor manufacturing.
Mercedes Benz invented the crumple zone now used universally.

I could keep going.

We would find very, very few American cherries which no doubt biases your views on this topic.

America vigorously legislated in this area mainly for this reason, US consumers and their suppliers were so far behind nobody outside North America wanted their cars. America is still behind in the safety aspects of the SUV and related vehicles. Again, the US industry fails to innovate without regulation. It is the consumer who drives this industry wide attitude. American cars are still avoided by consumers outside NAFTA.

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