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Endurance session in the shop

I dug in around noon, and came inside at 7:00, having had only one pee break.

Wiring harness out.
All air circulation out.
Instruments out
Switches out.
Horns out
Regulator and relays out.
Hood off.
Brake and clutch master cylinders and plumbing out
Brake union and front piping out
bottom heat shield out
And I'm sure other stuff.....

The car seems to have had a pair of period Marchal driving lights installed. There are two switches under the left dash area that could have been purchased as surplus from Dr. Frankenstein's lab. I originally assumed I'd take this car back to as near original as I could stand, but these things are cool, and definitely installed early in the car's life. Some rechroming will be required, but the lenses are perfect, and switches are cool.

This is the first 102 I've dug into that had the entire floor, footwell, rear seat area, and top storage bay lined with padded insulation. It's hard to believe this was added after the car was assembled, as that would have required a lot of things being pulled out just to cover the flooring. I plan to go back the same.

Both of the 10204's I've owned and driven were 59 models. This 60 has a number of tiny refinements, including the sound deadening mentioned above. The trans cross member is different, but I don't know why. Several pipes and wires have extra and well-placed clamps to hold them firmly in place. On the whole, more "production line" appearance and less "where should we put this?" look.

There's an odd, and I don't believe original, bracket mounted just ahead of the radiator. Air horn mounting? Radiator fan? Oil cooler?

I'm going with air horns, but no evidence of them in the pile of parts. Probably got robbed off the car when it was taken away from the kids, and installed on some young lad's Rambler.

It is at this point that I am most excited, and most despairing. I've been yanking things out, taking care, reminding me just how many little bits have to be individually restored, or replaced, replated, fiddled with, and generally dealt with. However, I got a lot done today. Perhaps 3 or 4 more days like today, and the car will be down to its shell. I do have a sense things are going more quickly. Having done one of these only a decade ago, there's some muscle memory as to what the sequence is for dismantling, and hopefully reassembling, everything.

Still, at the moment it's about 50/50 exuberance and despair.
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