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Alfa 164 24v Engine cam timing and belt tensioning procedures revisited

Alfa 164 24v Engine cam timing and belt tensioning procedures revisited
1. Alfa Romeo (AR) Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 01.93.07 Info on 41mm (1 5/8”) socket for crank shaft pulley nut
2. AR TSB 01.93.10 Timing Belt Tensioner Tool Info – # 1820-620 homemade 1/16” rigging pin rod
3. AR TSB 01.94.03 NEW Correct – Belt Tension Tool Calibration Cancels 01.93.06
4. AR TSB 01.93.06 WRONG Belt Tension Tool Calibration settings still in TSB Book
5. AR TSB 01.94.05 Checking 60561244 Type A Rounded Tooth Timing Belt Tension
6. AR TSB 01.94.06 ADJUSTING 60561244 Timing Belt Tension
7. AR TSB 01.94.07 Checking & Adjusting Cam Timing
8. AR TSB 01.94.08 Replacing/Tensioning the Poly-V 60605423 Serpentine Belt
9. AR TSB 01.97.01 24 Valve Timing Belt Campaign Inspect for 60561244 belt
10. AR TSB 01.97.02 24 Valve Timing Belt Campaign Warranty Claim for dealer Info
Specials Tools:
1. 18202720 – 6 hole Camshaft Pulley & Aux shaft drive pulley – wrench
2. 1820272? – 8 hole Camshaft Pulley & Aux shaft drive pulley – wrench
3. 18202730 – Timing Belt & Serpentine belt weighted arm adjusting tool
4. 18202740 – Adapter for timing belt tension adjustment
5. 18202750 - Adapter for weighted arm tool for serpentine belt tension
6. 18206200 – Homemade 1/16” Timing Belt tensioner rig pin
7. 18212710 – Serpentine belt tension adjustment – locking “drift” pin
8. 1/8” – air gap tool drill bit or square 1/8” woodruff key stock
9. 1825040 or 18708966 24v Timing cam locking dies
10. 41mm (1 5/8”)Socket with to ” adapter
11. 1825013 – Top Dead Center Gauge for #1 Cylinder Spark Plug Hole
12. 18202700 – Clamping tool to compress serpentine belt shock strut
13. *Homemade non-weighted belt tensioning adapter made from old 12v mechanical tensioner body

Yes you should use weighted arm on lever with length set at proper TSB 01.94.03 specs for timing belt and serpentine belt. The hollow adapter also allows you to use socket and torque wrench to torque eccentric nut. BUT you can use a homemade tool to set belt tension. You still need to use 1/16” rig pin in 24v tensioner body and 1/8” drill rod or square bar stock to measure/set air gap.

See arm and adapters assembled, etc,... here:
OK here is the way to go about doing cam timing and setting timing belt belt tension:

1. Lock 4 cams with the four cam locks.
2, First test tensioner off engine, by doing push test with your body weight by holding tensioner body in your gloved hand. Put end of piston against non-moveable object such as workbench/wall. If you can retract piston at all the tensioner is bad do not pass go spend more than $200 on a good one.
3. Be sure two idler pulley bearings and tensioner pulley bearing are good/new.
4. Be sure tensioner pulley pivot arm has good greased needle bearing and pivots easily on front cover pivot pin.
5. loosen nut holding holding tensioner pulley ecentric on pivot arm. Note" same applies to serpentine belt pivot arm needle bearings.
6. Put tensioner in jaws of bench vise and very slowly compress piston, open vise and see that piston extends fully very slowly.
7. Recompress piston and insert 1/16" drill rod/rig pin through body and piston, reinstall tensioner on engine with piston pinned.
8. Insert 1/8" drill bit or better yet 1/8" square bar stock/woodruff key stock between top of tensioner body and bottom of pivot arm. Keep pivot arm holding 1/8" bit/stock tight against tensioner body.
9. Install timing belt around all cog pulleys and under idler pulleys and over top of tensioner pulley.
10. If belt teeth won't line up with all four cam pulleys with cams still locked you need to hold pulley with pulley holding tool and loosen hold down bolt, tap pulley off cam taper. Usually rear head intake cam pulley is the one I have to loosen.
11. Once you have belt on all cog gears and pulleys with crank and #1 piston still at TDC you are ready for the weighted arm set up to belt tension (1/8" air gap drill bit or 0.125" square stock is your friend here).
10 The weighted arm tool will rotate eccentric with pulley and set belt tension. This is why weighted arm with hollow adapter fitting so handy because you can insert socket on torque wrench through hollow adapter while air gap drill bit is holding pivot arm rigid. This is where the three-armed mech is so handy, but with air gap tool pressing on rigid tensioner body you can pretty much torque eccentric nut to 55 ft lbs by yourself.

Cam pulley bolt torque is 59 ft lbs. There are 6 and 8 hole cam pulleys and takes two different alfa tools which pulleys do you have? I am pretty sure you probably have a generic pulley tool for either one don't you. I think I have the 6-hole pulley tool.

I do have the weighted arm and adapters that I have rented out in to past with a refundable security deposit minus shipping and paypal fees.

*I also have the old modified 12v mechanical tensioner body I used to use to set belt tension.

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