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Originally Posted by Racer Z View Post
At some point. . . just how fast can you go. . . how quick can you accelerate. . . on public roads without getting into trouble? Crash your car or get a ticket?

It's not often that we talk about "on the track" I need to more power so I can that other car. As it stands, all of my cars have more track potential than I have dring skills. I can't tap into the full potential of any of my cars anyway.
While I appreciate what you're saying, acceleration is still not illegal as long as you aren't "stunting". And "extra" power is required to accelerate quickly at highway speeds for safety reasons, which can result in higher speed potential than is legal, indeed this has been true for decades.

Conversely, rapid acceleration is not necessarily a desirable feature by itself as any petrolhead who drives a Tesla S can attest.

What matters is the driving experience, or just buy a Camry.

The Giulia is one of those very special cars. You either get it and would give up a lot to drive one daily, or you don't. If you don't get the Giulia you need to buy a Camry. Much more suitable car for those who want only what a car does rather than what a car is.

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