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Renee sorry to hear,
it's not only Alfa that has issues, I do work for one of the largest Mercedes dealer on the east coast and when you walk in service area you are amazed of things going on, dashes out, heads off the engines and so on, friend of mine is the GM at BMW dealer and same thing going on there, to make appointment for regular maintenance is three week backup. About 10 years ago they where replacing complete engines without letting their customers know. I have a first year redesign 2014 Range Rover Sport and it just spent 3 weeks in the shop because they could not figure out why it was revving at 3500rpm at cold start up. I din't mind because they gave me a Jaguar to drive for the time.
Point being is that it's not only Alfa. When I had my 164 automatic (bought new for my wife had it for 5 years) the only thing that went wrong was the trans (not Alfa) My GTV6 never had any issues (bought new had it for 6years) Had 4 105's one 101, and one 1953 1900. My current 1972 Giulia super runs great and these older cars are easy to work on.
Hope it gets better for you.
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