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I tend to agree with Renee721. I certainly would not sign away my legal rights. Hey, we all want FCA to succeed. I hope this category was created so that owners can share their experiences with this new Alfa. Yes, some may experience more issues than other owners but coming down on them is not the answer.
From what I have read FCA may be experiencing problems not expected and delays with repairs have been problematic. Their network of dealers is just not comprehensive enough to cover every owner in every locale, especially in low population areas. We only have one dealership in a area of over 1 million and they also serve Fiat.
I am hoping to use owner feedback to decide whether to buy by heart or common sense. Since it would primary be my spouses drive I am leaning toward a marque that has 3-4 dealerships locally, plus almost one in every major city in Oregon. I know...not that many.
I appreciate all owners input. I believe it's important to the owner, but maybe more so to FCA.
Since we are not the ones sitting along the roadside waiting for a tow, let's cut some slack.
Cheers, Jon

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