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@John533i, I had little choice but to do it myself. There aren't any Alfa-knowledgable shops around Mid-Missouri. I will say though, that if this thing runs after I get it back together, nobody will be more surprised than me! I will also have lost any trepidation about doing any sort of mechanical or electrical work on my Alfa (paint and body work is another matter entirely).

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I always thought that if the engine ever crapped out, that I'd just junk the Spider and look for another one. I've had this car for about 4 1/2 years, and didn't pay that much for it in the first place. I discovered that I'm more attached to this car than I realized, or was willing to admit.

@spiderserie4, the distributor goes inside the front cover, and the oil pump on the outside, right? Just kidding. I even did the procedure outlined in the manual where you loosen the oil pump mounting bolts, rotate the crank two full turns, then torque the oil pump back down. I guess the purpose of that is to ensure the pinion gear is meshing well with the oil pump gear. The liner height was perfect. Of course, I'm using new liners and seals, and had cleaned really well around the area where the liners sit.

@gigem75, thanks for the tip. I've cleaned up the studs, but didn't think about the holes in the head. I'll be certain to get those.

Here's a few photos showing how everything's lining up:

Distributor rotor right at the index mark:

Front pulley on the P mark:

Flywheel index mark at the 12 o'clock position...there's also a handy notch in the spacer:

I have to say that the Engine Overhaul Manual has been worth its weight in gold! I'd be lost without it. It details the procedures in order, and has accompanying line drawings and torque specs at each step of the way. Any ambiguities have been cleared up with AlfaBB or online videos. @Vintre's engine overhaul thread has been most helpful as well.

1988 Spider Veloce (with lots of 3D printed parts)

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