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Originally Posted by Super1600 View Post
Is it only me or does anyone else have a small issue with this thread.

To my mind it seems like a Fiat advertorial, from Fiat's marketing department. From my perspective, I dont get it since If it is all about Fiat, then why is it merely only about the brand new models rather than the huge range of Fiat models of the past. This is where Fiat's heritage lays not in the new models.

Secondly, when and if anyone posts any comments, the person posting all this guff on new Fiats never actually responds.

Therefore what on earth is the point of this thread. If you wish to know about the new Fiat models why not simply go to Fiat's website or your local dealer website in your country.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Fiats, I have had my '69 AC 124 sport for 29 years and will never sell it, similarly I have driven heaps of different model Fiats over the years, I have even driven a new 500, but frankly the information being posted here on this thread is largely meaningless. My opinions for what it is worth. Dave
I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Thanks for saving me the extra keystrokes!

Jeff B.

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