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You measure the cam clearance with a feeler gauge. But you will find that there is a lot of "feel" to the task. To check that last 'thousandth, rather than slip in the thinnest blade of the feelers, switch to a pair of larger ones. E.G. if you have 0.014 thou gap , measure the next thicker with a .007 and a .008 blade (total 0.015) rather than using a 0.14 and an 0.001. I've bent and crumpled a lot of 0.001 blades.....


BTW - like many here, I've been doing this for several decades, and have collected a bunch of spacers. To keep them in order I made a holder as pictured below - two or three spacers in each slot. Since I am pretty much OC, I've sorted them in half-step sizes so I can adjust the gaps to 0.0005! Note the wooden plugs where the spacers currently in the engine are. There are another 70 spaces on the other side of this block, where all the exhaust spacers ended up. At current prices, there's over $1000 in spacers. Most cost me under $0.50 four decades ago.
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