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Originally Posted by jeboniface View Post
I've got a question. How did you make sure that the new front clip was correctly aligned? I know there are many hard points that determine the location with the firewall but the front suspension points are part of that front clip. Just the slightest misalignment of a few mm at the firewall might translate into a big difference in the location of the suspension pick up points in relation to the tub and rear axle.
Originally Posted by SOROKOS View Post
interesting question.

I had a reference drawing that I could use to check the alignment. The diagonal measurements were the most useful.

The advice from the restoration shop was: "the sheetmetal will tell you if there's a problem".

It was actually very straightforward. The inner fender's sheetmetal fit tightly against the firewall.
I took measurements from the firewall diagonally to the mounting points for the hood (on the upper radiator crossmember) and diagonally across the bottom.

Then, I drilled holes and held it together with clecos. One-by-one, I then removed each cleco and welded it's hole untill all holes were welded.

There's lots more pictures if anyone is interested in any detail that wasn't shown in my previous posts.
Plus, she's still naked and available for more photos. (the car).
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