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Originally Posted by goats View Post
My point was removing the AXLE TUBE (not the diff side case cover) , the one on the other side small diameter one, has no influence at all on anything other than spline engagement. Without a doubt, removing diff side case with bearing as you point out and adding a gasket will change crown wheel preload
Since I was the one who flagged mthomas2911's comment that "the differential gaskets were changed", I guess I started this portion of the debate. goats, thanks for expanding on it. Yea, a gasket on the small diameter side won't have any effect on the crown wheel's position. But put a gasket on on the large side - what he calls the "side case" - and the side-to-side play of the crown wheel will be off.

Although mthomas2911 typed "gaskets", he probably meant seals. My guess is that the shop incorrectly installed the pinion nut when replacing the pinion seal.

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