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Originally Posted by mthomas2911 View Post
I had it in the shop to get the differential gaskets changed.
The only gasket on a 105/115 differential is at the lower sump plate. If your mechanic added gaskets between the center housing and axle tubes, then he would have altered the pinion to ring gear alignment. These parts should be fitted with just a thin layer of sealant; perhaps the shop didn't use a gasket, but applied a too-thick coating of sealant.

The shop checked the gears for play and made sure the nut was tight. They filled the differential with a synthetic gear oil.
Without knowing exactly what the shop did, it's tough to diagnose. But given that the differential was quiet when you brought it in, and noisy when it left the shop, the evidence points to something that they did. The question is what, and is it repairable?

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