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I drove my S4 from London to Nuits-St-Georges. All well, except for a 1.5 hr delay waiting for the AA as the inhibitor switch on the gearbox started to play up just as I stopped to get a 5.30 am cup of coffee.

When I tried to start up, nothing. All the cluster was alight so I knew I had power but no noise, no cranking. I thought I'd lost my starter motor. The AA man diagnosed the problem in 10 seconds and told me to fire up with the gearbox in neutral.

For the remainder of the journey the car has started from "Park" but I'd better get the gearbox to the garage when I hit my house in Italy tomorrow.

Other than that, lovely journey although I could do with a fourth gear or an overdrive. I only bought an auto because my wife only has an auto licence but the car is not done any favours by this gearbox.


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