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Originally Posted by eas View Post
\When removing the gear lever stub, will there be parts falling from inside the trans ?
Yes, you do need to disassemble it carefully. There are shims on either side of the gear lever pivot - you don't want those falling down into the gearbox. And you need to keep track of which shims were on the left, which were on the right.

The trans scrapes along the underside . Will I end up with a scratched underside ? I read a lot of threads about engine/gearbox removal and nowhere did I read that the underside will be scratched..
Gee, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I suppose if you have a team of helpers, you might be able to avoid any drivetrain to body contact. And of course, put pads/rags/cardboard over areas you don't want scratched. But yea, the paint is fragile, the engine/trans is heavy, and you have to shoehorn it out - a recipe for some scratching.

Originally Posted by Gary Williams
when pulling the engine alone, I park each front wheel on a couple pieces of 2x4, to raise the car 3 inches .... Then the hoist easily slides under, despite the car's normally low stance.
OK. This depends a bit on the design of the hoist that you are using. When I help my friend pull his engine (he uses a hoist on wheels, while I use a chainfall fixed to the ceiling), the legs on his hoist are exactly the width of the Alfa's front track. In other words, we have to remove the car's front wheels and put the front on stands to allow the hoist legs to pass underneath. A hoist with narrower leg spacing would make the operation simpler.

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