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Originally Posted by Alfajay View Post
- And if you are using a "cherry picker", it's tough to get the legs under the front of the car if it's sitting that low.
Good point. Will be using a engine hoist and it does have its leg spread wide open which will need to dig under the car.

Originally Posted by Alfajay View Post
I have found that the engine/trans will come out with the car level if the gear lever stub is removed. Just doing that makes a big difference.

When you remove the gear lever stub, be sure to cover the gearshift hole to keep crud from falling in as the trans scrapes along the underside of the tunnel. I just use heavy plastic sheet secured with a rubber band.
When removing the gear lever stub, will there be parts falling from inside the trans ?

The trans scrapes along the underside . Will I end up with a scratched underside ? I read a lot of threads about engine/gearbox removal and nowhere did I read that the underside will be scratched..

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