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Originally Posted by Alfajay View Post
Just use one and move it on the second row towards the front of car. As long as you are removing the engine & trans as a unit, pulling from the second pair of head studs will position the engine & trans at just about the right angle. The Alfa engine & trans are light enough to allow you to manually tip them up/down slightly to maneuver around obstacles.
Thanks Jay

Originally Posted by Gary Williams View Post
When pulling the engine and tranny together, we get real silly. The back end of the car goes up as high as possible on jack stands, while the front wheels come off and we drop the nose almost to the ground. That extreme angle makes it easier to get everything in or out in one piece.
I have a set of 6 Tons Jack stands which I can use to lift the back end. They go up to around 61cm. If that won't be enough I can always deflate the front tyres.

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