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123 Ignition - wrong ignition parts or even ignition for my 2000 GTV?

To all 123 experts,

I bought my 2000 GTV Bertone (1974) some three years ago with an existing 123 ignition setup. I had to exchange the distributor cap, but the suggested cap for the 2000 engine didnít fit.

My cap needs asymmetrical mounting brackets - whereas the suggested cap from the 123 homepage recommends caps with "symmetrical" brackets, pls. see attached screenshot)

My mechanic fitted the BERU VK154 (replacement for the VK105 he said) and now I experience a lot of misfiring. Funny enough, I did not experience misfiring with the old asymmetrical cap that was mounted before.

The suggested BERU VK106 for the 2000 engine did not fit. When I consulted the part dealers, I found out that the VK154 is suggested for 1300 engines. This could explain the misfiring...?

As I understood, the 123 ignition should fit all Nord engines 1300-2000. So, to all the 123 ignition experts:

- Could it be that I have an old or wrong 123-model that didn't fit all the Nord engines? The official 123 ignition homepage suggests that the cap (for ex. VK106) fits all engines, there is no mentioning of different caps for different engines 1300/1600/etc. And there is certainly no mentioning of asymmetrical caps like the BERU VK154 (new), or VK105 (old)

- What would you recommend me to do?

Many thanks in advance and regards from Switzerland

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