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While waiting on the Stepped Hose to finish the in-tank pump replacement, I've been doing other neglected mechanical and cosmetic maintenance on my newly acquired '85 Veloce. Today was the second day of trying to massage some life back into the intact-but-hardened and creased/cracking leather seats. Actually, they're not too bad except for the tops of the headrests and the forward half of the seat bottoms. I have the driver's seat out of the car and swimming in Leatherique Rejuvenator. The product is not absorbed as easily as I expected, but I'm hopeful that it will restore enough flexibility to prevent more serious cracking or separation of seams in the short term, and continue to soften the leather over the next month as advertised. Since I'm not in a hurry, and the weather's a bit cooler than ideal for the job, I'll probably let the Rejuvenator work for another few days before using the cleaner.

Getting the seat out was easier in some ways and harder in others than I expected. The screws were not very tight, and not corroded in place. But the rears were very hard to reach due to the forward rail stop still being in place. Several posts here said to remove the rear screws first, but the stop is held in place by one of the front screws. The task would have been much easier had I discovered that before I spent 30 minutes with a loose impact driver bit and an 8mm wrench, turning the rear screws out a quarter turn at a time (!). Rather than investing in a set of offset screwdrivers that I've never needed for anything else, I'll be replacing them with low-head socket cap screws.

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