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Ah, my mistake. I just received the book "How to Tune & Modify Bosch Fuel Injection" by Ben Watson. In the L Jet performance tuning section, it states that the primary problem with the stock L Jet is getting enough air into the engine, not fuel. On a stock system, the airflow meter peaks between 3000-3500 rpm. The book goes on to say the second airflow restriction is the stock throttle body and that larger throttle bodies can help with this problem. Only then does the book talk about fuel, and there are a few problems noted there as well. First, under acceleration, the engine is first starved for fuel because it takes time for the pressure to travel through the plumbing to signal the pressure meter to increase the fuel. Second, the stock fuel pressure can not deliver more fuel to the injectors above 3000 rpm. Anyway, that is what Ben Watson wrote in his book.
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