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These are excellent fuel economy numbers for a car this size capable of 0-60 in the five second range. These are very quick cars equipped with only 2.0 litre engines.

Just btw the awd does not affect fuel economy very much. It adds about 200 lbs of weight is all. For most of the time you are driving these ZF awd systems only the rear wheels are driven. Unless you drive very aggressively in the wet or in winter conditions or on gravel roads the awd system is idle. Awd is ideal for Sweden I should think, in preference to rwd only.

My advice is not to buy the awd version unless you frequently drive in severe winter conditions. I have owned a rwd Jaguar XF and now an awd Jaguar XF and can verify that the awd is only useful in very slippery conditions. Certainly don't be fooled into thinking awd is a substitute for snow tires.

Canadian dealers have wisely decided to import only awd versions, even the QF model, but for California that would be unwise in my view.

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