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I recently bought the 123+ Bluetooth version.

We fitted it at the Dyno and then set the curve according to what the engine wanted via IPad.

Instructions very basic in leaflet.
It implys that you need to search for the 123 in 'settings' on Bluetooth. It never found it, but on opening app it connected. Wasted 30 mins trying to find it through settings on various devices. They need to Make it clear that you can see the 123 from just opening app.

Does not detail anywhere that you can press and hold a new timing entry to then move it to a new position. I assumed it dropped in the bottom position only so had to rewrite the sequence every time. But you can drag to a mid position.

Every time you flick to another app or programme it seems to disconnect from the 123. Not helpful.

Especially when the advice on how To record a curve is to screen shot it, so switching between the app and the taken screen shot, means the 123 disconnects every time you view the screen shot in photos. Not clever in real world whilst on Dyno.

When driving with 123 app dashboard active, take a call. Finish call. GPS speedo no longer works.

Number signal of 'tuned' adjustment needs to be displayed, not just on live dial. When on a Dyno run and making adjustments on the Dyno, it's VERY difficult to make a not of the number you finally settled on at a given rev range.

Still haven't figured out how to load a 2nd curve.....seems no instructions on how to do this. And nothing in the leaflet.

Old 123 was loaded with about 16 curves to choose from. The blue tooth version appears only to have one !!!!

Ability to create curves 'offline' and then upload them when connected later would be good.

When purchasing one of these and having it fitted at a Dyno, where you are paying for the Dyno by the hour, with the above problems, and delays meant it was a very expensive Dyno session. My guy normally installs and Dyno sets up a standard 123 in 2 hours max. This took us 4 hours !!!! So 50% more of the price of the 123+ tune !!.

Overall happy with the results. But all the Bluetooth specific elements and the customer experience is a bit painful.

My curve started at 7deg for tick over, at zero it wouldn't tick over.
We topped out at 32 degrees of advance. That's what the lightly modified 1300 wanted.
Net result 125bhp. Was 122bhp prior to 123 and slightly bigger jets.

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