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Originally Posted by Jim G View Post
All 69 to 74 trans have the long rods and the cut out in the bellhousing for them.... The 75 to 93 have the shorter rods no cutout and a screw in reverse switch.

You can put any trans from 1969 to 1993 in your Alfa without having to change the bellhousing.
Those two statements are contradictory.

I agree with the first statement. Yes, 69 to 74 trans have the long rods and 75 to 93 have the shorter rods.

However, if you put a late transmission on an early bellhousing, the front holes for those short rods are going to leak oil through the "D" shaped cut-out in the bellhousing. kengta talked about this in post #4. You either need to seal up the "D" shaped cut-out, or use a late bellhousing that doesn't have the cut-out.

None of this impacts QuinnLing since he has both a pre '75 transmission and bellhousing.

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