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Originally Posted by Gubi View Post
If you're going to own Alfas, you'd better learn how to interact with quirky weirdos.
That's the best piece of advice on this thread - and it applies to the old car business in general. Man, you meet some seriously grumpy and weird dudes sometimes! I try to deal with them by smiling and calling them sir and just being friendly to a fault and that usually works out OK. But yeah, sometimes dealing with the old donkey just isn't worth it.

Don's advice is good too and I don't think aimed at anyone on this thread. I think he was talking generally about dealing with grumpy weirdos at junk yards.

I have used APE a couple of times and it wasn't a bad experience per se, but I don't use them for parts I can find elsewhere just to save a few bucks. But for some parts it's hard to know where else to turn.

Definitely don't delete your post. People need to know what they're getting into.


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