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Hi. I think the post has served its purpose. A vendor review. If you like him, great. If you don't, great. I obviously can't put the entire Congressional transcript of our call here. He called me back to tell me he had the part, and was getting my address to ship it. He started scolding me like I was a 2 year old because I was "talking to fast" and hung up. Hung up a 2nd and third time after a minute or two of conversation when I called back to try and understand what set him off. It has nothing to do with parts being too cheap, It has to do with his lack of patience, which sadly prevented him from getting other more profitable orders from me.

If I can figure out how to delete the post, I will. Can't find the "delete" button. It's served its purpose. If I can't, well, then, Larry is a vendor that I didn't know from Adam, and I provided an objective review. I'm not going to remove the post simply because he is the apparent Amazon of Alfa parts.

I want to reiterate my prior appreciation that I posted a couple of weeks ago in the 105/115Spider forum to the many people who have provided information on my car. This has been a great board, and I look forward to helping future members with the knowledge that I have acquired through the help on the board.

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