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Originally Posted by JoeCab View Post
I believe the future is not as bleak as that.

I've said this before, but people once predicted that automobiles would cause the horse as a species to become extinct. There have certainly been a lot of changes (nobody daily drives a horse to work anymore) but there are also multi-million dollar industries dedicated to the use and enjoyment of horses, in many different ways.

And, from a legal standpoint, riders on horseback still have the right of way on most public roads and trails around here. So I would have to believe that "legacy" automobiles will also have some rights grandfathered in when new rules are made up, at least in rural areas. I can see congested urban areas banning them completely in the near future.
I really don't know if the future is bleak but there are a number of ominous signs and it depends on who is king and their priorities. Cities in Europe are starting to limit and ban older cars in their ever increasing "crackdown" on smog (but not terrorists). Is just that handful of oldtimers cars that causes smog? I doubt it. But they get the rap even with 80% particle emitting diesels there. It would seem that CA's repression of TTL'ing newer (68-76) older cars, and newer import cars, the OR '76 cutoff, is a sign of creeping exclusion. Having to title 60-70's Giulias in Vermont for God's sake and figure out how to re-register them later in CA is not a smoke signalt? I also wonder how much longer premium fuel will be in significant demand and widely available and then still produced? Like Ethanol-free fuel limited to av/marine/farm areas.

Originally Posted by JoeCab View Post
It already has changed. You can get collector plates on any vehicle 32 years old or older. However, for cars 1976 model year and later, you need a smog test before you can get the collector plates and at every 5 year renewal.
Depends on the state and sometimes even county if it is a EPA non-attainment area. In TX it is 25 years rolling for limited use "Antiques" that require no inspections or smogging and reg only every 5 years (perhaps smogging in NA area?). That means that 1992's are antiques now. Same as Fed import requirements. But none of this means that this exemption will last in the quest for environmentalists perfection and further that fuel, mechanics and right-of-way will be granted. Ask 180out about intolerant social movements; old cars are a sign of an old decadent culture, yatti, yatti, ad nauseum.

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