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Originally Posted by Duk View Post
Unfortunate about the coolant leak.

Car sounds nice.

Maybe take the oportunity to lighten the engine (and clutch) flywheel while the engine's out? Would certainly help the acceleration.

How much adjustment was needed to get that wheel/tyre combination to fit?

She needs either simple non-impact type bumpers or Veloce bumpers. With that colour and the white wheels

And sort out that front suspension geometry...............

I was thinking about the flywheel. This maybe a stupid question ....
Is it possible to lighten the engine flywheel and not the trans? I figured it would throw the driveline off balance but I don't plan to take the trans apart. So if it's going to make everything unbalanced I'll probably just skip lightening the flywheel.

As for the wheels, I had a plan going in to it so i just trimmed up the rear quarter panel since I knew I was re painting it. If you look back a couple pages you'll see all I did was cut the rust out, then I welded in a 5/16 brake line in around the edge, also pushed the quarter panel out just a hair bit with a fender roller at some point during the auto body process. The posts I welded in to hold the flares weren't the brightest idea but they work 'ok' for the time being but I really want to do something else with them.
The front fits almost just perfect honestly. I'm running a 215/45 tire in the front because I had 2 good ones sitting around, but I really need a 215/40 for it to be perfect. The 225/45's in the back were given to me and they were brand new. But honestly the 215/45's in the back, and 215/40's in the front, will make this thing sit perfect and clear all angles.

The front bumper has been off the car longer than it's been on the car haha. It's actually a Milano gold bumper and it never did fit right, but the original verde one got smashed up. I feel the bumper has been off so long that it has potentially stretched out or something because it does not fit good at all right now. I'd really like to find a set of euro/twinspark bumpers (whatever you want to call them) and get rid of the stupid accordions.

Suspension has -1.5 camber front
-.5 rear

She hugs and grabs these Western Maryland mountain roads though so it's hard to tell what adjustments it needs and now it's out of commission lol
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