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I got the car running and driving great.
Coolant temps around 175-180
Oil pressure was good ~ 60-80psi on cold start , 25-40psi on warm, closer to 25 idle.
Fuel level sending unit ~ works perfect

Some kind of minor electrical issue with gauge cluster though. When I am on the brakes, the gauge cluster gets power and operates
Not on the brakes, no power. Short somewhere it seems

Speedo is intermittent. Works when you're above a certain speed

Drove the car around for 3 days and the sway bar link kept popping off the bushing so I said screw it, went to the local race car shop and had them fix me up with some adjustable sway at links for somewhere right around $50.

Here's a couple good shots.

Ran awesome but I guess all the sitting and old age decide it was time for head gaskets. There were a couple hints showing it was time. My friend said i was getting white smoke more frequently and then under normal driving it went up it some white smoke.
I had zero coolant in the reservoir or lines and when I checked my oil it was very milky ...
Since I have deleted power steering, abs, a/c it took about 2 hours to get the engine completely broke down up top and ready to come out

Can't stress enough that jacking the rear of the car up is a BIG help for anyone new to the process. By jacking the body up in the air, I was able to drop the dedion a little bit further. Engine pulled off the pinch yoke on its own.

onto the ground for the time being until I get home tonight.

So engine out

Made some marks

Valve covers off

Pretty pumped about this. Digging around in an old box of parts and found a brand new tensioner to replace my old broken one.

The headers were a little banged up so they are getting recoated

One cylinder head off
Old gasket is crap.
Found middle liner that spin freely by hand
Coolant in one cylinder

Other head off
Found middle liner on this side also spins freely
Coolant in one cylinder
Gasket on this side also crap
Made quick hold down tools. Since I plan to do completely tear down, I decided to go quick and cheap by making them out of plastic pvc instead of metal tubes

Bad spot in the gasket

Drained some more milk out

Dropped the oil pan off and continued cleaning

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