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Better shot of the surge tank and everything.
I was scared of this setup at first but, it ended up working like a top!

Break down of how the system works if you didn't know:

The gold pump mounted on the trunk frame is a low pressure pump. It pushes 5-7psi of fuel just enough to fill the surge tank.
The low pressure pump basically acts as if I had a in tank pump, pumping fuel out to the high pressure pump, except for its external in this case. I read a lot of people running this style setup and I just needed to create my own so I did a ton of research.
Without having to run a high dollar fuel cell, this was the best alternative.
The sole purpose of the surge tank is to eliminate fuel starvation at certain times since I dont have a submerged fuel pump constantly picking up fuel. the surge tank will stay full long enough to keep the high pressure to the engine supplied during more aggressive driving. I upgrade to a Volvo fuel filter so I could stick with AN fittings.

So next question in order:
How can I tell how much fuel I have?
Well me buying a fuel cell without a sending unit (rookie move not thinking), I had to improvise something. I still had my old fuel tank and everything. Took the sending unit and did some engineering.

Made 2 aluminum plates to start
One for outside of tank and one for the inside

Cut notches like the factory tank

Ground down a recess so the unit can lock into place like factory

Unit will fit almost perfect, what a score

Started making some marks, also went down to the local hardware store and found a rubber seal for the new one.

Went ahead and made a hole. Just big enough to press fit the unit down in. Literally was so tight, I had to spin the unit down into the tank while pressing it down.

Here's a picture with the sending unit all the way down.
Of course I cleaned all the debris out so don't get scared

The sending unit still has the factory square style big o ring around it so once it locks into the ring, it will also seal the fuel cell.

Finished project

In the end, this is how it's all set up.
The 2 aluminum circles, one is inside the tank and one is outside sandwhiching a rubber seal and a spacer (the yellow thing) I had to make all together.
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