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To the best of my Knowledge, Carrozzeria Zagato was purchased out of bankruptcy some years ago by Roland D'Ieteren.
General Manager of Zagato Europe is a Dutchman called Paul Koot.
The restoration shop was run by Mario Galbiati until a year or so ago.
I restored a Fiat 8V chassis for a client in the mid '90s and we sent it to Zagato to be rebodied to it's original double-bubble spec as raced by Elio Zagato in 1954-55. Galbiati completely disregarded all the documentation I sent with the chassis and copied(badly) an older style body they had laying around. It took nearly a year to convince him to look at the photos, drawings and the computer scan of a sister car(one of 5) and after remaking the nose 3 times, the tail twice and various other corrections it finally is right.
I think they're better off without him.
BTW, now they're making replicas.

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