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Originally Posted by GregSef View Post
Interesting project. I run a car in endurance races.

For anyone choosing the Bosch 044 pump, when installed with the stock fuel pressure regulator it will boost the fuel pressure in the rail about 5 PSI due to its much higher volume. This rise in rail pressure allowed me to run a slightly modified 3 liter S motor with OEM 2.5 liter engine management - I'm definitely giving up some HP but it never burned a piston or has not damaged my motor- yet. I should have larger injectors and aftermarket engine management.

With an adjustable regulator you can choose your rail pressure. Also the Bosch 044 can support way more horsepower than any of these motors can make. I chose it because its available everywhere. A smaller pump would definitely suffice and draw less amperage. Sometimes in endurance racing you want to keep the amperage draw low so you can run powerful head lamps for night racing.

I read a lot of good things about the Bosch 044 that leaned towards the Final decision. I knew I would have to fix up an adjustable regulator in order to run it. I also liked the idea of keeping an oem fuel pump type. With the mounting clamp with rubber insulator, the pump is quieter than my low pressure pump.
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