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More update on the fuel system:

I had a spare fuel rail but ended up just "going for it" and cutting the ends off my good ones....

The whole objective was to get reliable connections, get rid of all the pesky hose clamps and barbs, and have a clean look. So I cut the ends off the rails and had a good friend that knew how to weld, weld me on some -6an fittings. In order to join the 2 rails together, I just used a Y fitting. Right before the Y coming from the main feed line, I plumbed in a fuel pressure gauge port so I can mess with my fuel pressure. Once you find the sweet spot your car likes, the gauge isn't necessary (and in my case I bought a crappy one just for this purpose and it leaked out the front right away). I used my actual testing gauge to get the pressure correct. Mine seemed to like it rright around 37-38psi.

This was the first go around with welding on the fuel rail and I didn't take a final picture. Sorry guys.
But we welded one side and the brazing got too hot and leaked. So we ended up welding both sides just fine. You get the idea

I made 2 braided lines after this and joined them with a Y fitting mimicking the factory bridge for where the fuel rails are joined on the rear of it.

Here you can see how I had the gauge inline until it busted after a couple minutes.
Piece of crap...!!!
It was connected right on the main feed line coming up from the tank, to the beginning of the Y fitting, before the split to the rail.


Port fitting in-line with a plug in it. It's 1/8 NPT so i can plug the fuel tester up to it whenever

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