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Originally Posted by Eman911 View Post
Please post part #s for you FPR and fittings. I was either too dumb or too lazy to figger it all out myself.
Haha it's okay. I was feeling lazy myself, but if I wanted to drive my car I had to get it figured out.

I decided to use fragola fittings because they have Short threads but I'm sure other brands make what fitting it is that we need for our v6's.

Here is the part number I used, bought from jegs, YOU NEED 2 of them. One for each side of the rail.

This is the bottom fitting for the regulator to have enough clearance to u-turn the return line up to through a good route. Again, don't have to use the brands I used but all the information is there.

You can use any of the nylon braided line and still remain to use your barb & clamp style if you wish. but again, I wanted everything to be the same and I also ran new steel fuel lines so I used different fittings

You can run the FPR with the logo facing out, but you will either have to grind down the plug or buy a new short one. I don't have very many pictures of that but you'll see what I mean. The vacuum reference port is also on the wrong side if you run the "fuelab" logo facing out , so you will have to re route the vacuum hose. If you decide to run the FPR backwards (logo in towards the intake runners) your vacuum port is perfect.

You will have to hook up a fuel pressure tester, set your pressure at first. I wouldn't recommend an inline gauge for daily use.

Regulator with all fittings installed.

Fuelab regulator #51502-1 (google it, cheapest place is amazon or eBay)
Light oil for AN threads, thread sealant for pipe threads, use o rings, follow all instructions.

You will need a bottom fitting also.
That bottom fitting is a -6an to -6an so you can screw on your 150 degree fitting on the bottom for the return ( fitting on the bottom in pic above)
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