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Well cut to the chase update! I got a lot of stuff done. Since this last update in like November or something?

Got my new fuel system setup
Ran the new system and it worked great.
Ran the car for a couple weeks and it ran awesome
Then out of nowhere. Developed an "out of the blue" problem...

Anyway... start from the top.

New Bosch 044 pump, Volvo fuel filter, Fuelab adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 2L surge tank, Carter HVLP with a small pre filter from a 12gal fuel cell. All new lines, fittings, and even modified the fuel rail to be the way I wanted it to be.

If anyone wants an almost direct fit Adjustable FPR, I seen someone try it before so I went for it as well. That's guys thread is a couple years old I believe. Anyways. I can get part numbers for anyone interested as far as what fittings to get, the FPR itself, or any questions

Low clearance, but I ground the head of the plug off the front of mine to clear the timing belt just in case.

Started out welding up a frame for everything to sit on

Cut out an aluminum template to make everything sit nice

More pictures of the process. Welded the rectangle frame to the actual frame we made for the fuel cell to sit in, then welded it in the car as one piece. Undercoated the entire frame for durability. Undercoated the aluminum plate.

Surge tank, low pressure and high pressure pumps, fuel filter mounted

Fuel cell and everything mocked up

That's all I have time to up date for now!

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