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Very interesting, I read the whole post and agree with most all said overall, a couple of points on my giulia ss I have had to make almost the whole car, I've used a lot of gas welding and followed up with lead to the joints. I never finish in lead preferring to leave a little room for a thin coat of filler? On a previous restored car, and I still have it , I had problems with each primer not sticking to the lead? In a couple of places I have had paint lifting? The filler I use is ultima, special formulated for use on most surfaces most notably Galvanised panels. And it works ,
I aim to finish of the prep of the car with the new type of filler/primer (urathane based, as shirwin williums, mentioned earlier) I'm also about to sandblast the entire she'll and aim to use an epoxy each followed by paint and stone guard, not sure on the brand, make of each yet though , any thoughts?
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