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Originally Posted by MatteoS View Post
@Alfajay I mean the wires that currently lead from my alternator to my voltage regulator (attached photo).

No photo was attached. But I can picture what you mean: a three-wire connection, with two three-terminal plugs on either end. No one sells that. Perhaps someone here will have one used. Or you could make one, using female terminals with a tang to grip the connector. What happened to your old wiring?

I am going to get my alternator and regulator tested and will be back with the results. If they are on their way out the door than I guess I might shell out the substantial money for a refurbished one with a internal regulator.
New internally-regulated alternators shouldn't cost any more than a new copy of your old alternator. In fact, buying a new regulator + a new externally-regulated alternator would probably cost more than a new internally-regulated alternator. Here's one source:

90-94 Alfa Romeo Spider Alternator High Output 80 Amp Generator | eBay

But the least expensive solution is probably going to be rebuilding the alternator that you have. If the shop can rebuild it, and verify that your regulator is OK, you should get away for ~ $100.

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