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Originally Posted by 101/105guy View Post
181 posts ?
Another case of using the wrong method to solve a problem......
This happens time and time again here. No end of suggestions from members leading the thread author in circles and emptying his wallet. Many times ending as you have, in sheer frustration.

Troubleshooting by internet is often a fools game.

No competent mechanics near you ??
No negativity here...

182 posts, and this ONE is all you contributed to help this Alfa owner? What a useless, condescending response. I disagree with you completely on the usefulness of the Alfa BB. People try to help each other here for all the right reasons. Know what? I think you ought to buy his car... outright... right now... cash deal. Then fix it and sell it back to him, since you're convinced of your superior methodology.

Lexington, KY USA
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