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Originally Posted by IRONBLOCK View Post
An electrician friend gave me a bottle of Contax and it may work better but the Vaseline is less messy
"Less messy" isn't the criteria here. Contax will remove corrosion and make your connections work again. I'm not sure what Vaseline will do.

Alternator with a built in regulator. Does anyone know where I can find a the cable that currently leads into the external voltage on the '77 spider ?
Are you referring to a cable that will connect an internally-regulated alternator to your '77 spider? You don't need a special cable - an internally-regulated alternator uses fewer wires, not more. Just connect the big wire to the 6mm lug on the new alternator (as it was connected to the old alternator), separate the small green wire that goes to the "GEN" light from the old regulator and connect that directly to the "GEN" (or however it's labeled) terminal on the new alternator. That's all there is to it.

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