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Hi All,

There is another thread currently running regarding changing out bulbs in gauges. Dim gauge lights in 83 spider veloce. You may want to check that one out too. As for tail lights, the set that ihart bought should work well. You can get them even brighter, around 900 lumens, from amazon as well. The thing with LED's as far as color goes, you should buy the color for the lens you are using. A white LED with a red lens will wash out the color, as Kcabpilot suggests.

If anyone is interested, I also installed LED's in my parking lights for greater presence. I use them as daytime running lights as there are way too many aggressive/distracted drivers in Connecticut and if I'm going to get hit, I'd rather it be in my minivan than my Alfa. Check them out as well:

LUYED 2 X 1700 Lumens Extremely Bright 1156 4014 102-EX Chipsets 1156 1141 1003 7506 LED Bulbs,Xenon White(Brightest LED in market)

I put 600 lumen bulbs in the front turn signal lights and will also do the red and amber tail bulbs.
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