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Originally Posted by ihart View Post
Hi Paul,
The flashing rate is the same as before. The red tail marker light and (brighter) red tail brake light look red to my eyes.

They are much brighter than stock and should increase visibility.

FYI, for those that have not changed these bulbs, there are no tools needed. Open the trunk and hand loosen the 4 protruding screws. The plastic lenses will come off the back end if gently tugged on.
Thanks for this timely update. I've been mulling over switching to LEDs on my Spider for some time and that bulb looks great. (Just put two LEDs in my other car's courtesy/map fixture and am delighted with the results.)

However, you mention tail/stop-brake lights, not turn signals, and tail/stop-brake lights don't flash.

An S2's rear bulbs, at least based on my memory, go from left (driver's side) to right (passenger side) as:
  • Left cluster turn signal
  • Left cluster tail/break light
  • Left cluster reverse/backup
  • Right cluster reverse/backup
  • Right cluster tail/brake
  • Right cluster turn signal

Did you do all four of the bulbs under the red lenses? That is, both the tail/brake and turn signal bulbs?

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