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Doc, Peter, Bob:
Thanks so much for the help/leads.

Peter: I actually bought Bill Daemke's Jr. Z back in 1999, but he sold the plexi's out from underneath me to somebody else for a ridiculous amount of $$$. Should have gone with the car, but we won't go there. Let's just say I learned a whole lot about Jr. Zs restoring Bill's old car to proper standards.

Doc: I've sent a few emails to Mr. Piero @ Zagato over the last several months & haven't received a reply. I used part #s, & as much Italian as I know, but I'm thinking no one speaks English there. You'd think they would at least acknowledge the emails & reply in Italian, but so far no luck. I'll try the email for Granturismo Milano.

Anthony Rimicci does speak Italian & indicates he has a contact in Italy for the plexis, so I'll see what Anthony comes up with. Thanks, Bruce
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